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Texting and Driving… Is there a solution?

We have all seen the public service announcements graphically describing the potential outcomes of texting and driving… but are they working? It seems that no matter how much humor, violence, tragedy, or terror are put into these PSAs,...
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5 Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

Yes, personal injury lawyers should be experts in their field, but remember, this is YOUR CASE!  Make sure you ask questions and feel comfortable speaking with your attorney.  Here are 5 questions you should ask your personal injury attorney: ...
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     Most adult drivers admit to driving distracted according to a HealthDay poll from November, 2011. The results are alarming:  *86% of drivers said they ate or drank while driving, 57% said they do it often *37% have sent or...
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Assault and Battery in Hockey?

I was recently interviewed by Bill Shields, a reporter for WBZ CBS Boston Channel 4.  He showed me a video of a Scituate hockey player checking a Duxbury hockey player during a game.  The check was quite hard but...
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